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Your roofing system is made up of several layers that all need to work together for maximum protection. One hole or tear can compromise the entire system. If you believe your roof is damaged, contact ADM Construction, LLC right away in Fresno & Newark, OH. Our team provides skilled roof repair services at affordable prices.

Our team has decades of experience repairing any type of roofing issue. Call 330-231-3179 today for a free quote for roof repair services.

Common signs your roof has a leak

Common signs your roof has a leak

Leaks aren't always obvious. They can stay hidden for years, turning a slow trickle into a huge problem. Schedule roof leak repair right away if you notice...

  • Blistered or bubbling paint
  • Dark spots on your walls or ceilings
  • Mold and mildew smells

Stop leaks before they turn into massive roof repair projects. Speak with us today to schedule roof leak repair services in the Fresno & Newark, OH area.